Unauthorized Tree Trimming

Someone has been trimming trees, primarily along Sierrita, and leaving the cut limbs on the sidewalk and in the street.  Limbs are a tripping hazard.  John Currier, Landscape Committee Chair, cleaned up some and asked Yellowstone if they would pick up the rest while they are out.  

This unauthorized tree trimming needs to be stopped to prevent further damage.  Leaving the cut limbs creates a tripping hazard and cutting some infected trees (Fire Blight bacteria and Ash dieback) then cutting uninfected trees will spread the diseases to the uninfected trees.  Appears that most of the trees that have been trimmed were from homeowners’ yards that were growing over the wall and encroaching on the sidewalks.  John Currier originally used to trim back these trees; but with the diseases currently present, he stopped trimming homeowner’s trees for fear of infecting healthy trees after trimming them. 

Please contact Jack Corder at Corder & Company (associations@corderandcompany.com, 505-896-7700) to report any trees that need to be trimmed. 

APD Co-Hosting Community Resources Event For the Public

The Albuquerque Police Department (APD), in conjunction with the McDonald’s at 5700 McMahon NW, is hosting a Community Resources Event this Saturday, July 29 from 10:00 am until 2:00 p.m. The public is invited and encouraged to attend, particularly families with younger children. There will be the Mounted Patrol Horse Unit, the K-9 unit, The Bomb Squad and SWAT Team units, officers from the Northwest Area Command, and many other safety and community resources.

For more information, contact Pete Gelabert at: pgelabert@cabq.gov.

City Shifts Landfill and Trash/Recycle Collection Hours Due to Heat

Due to excessive heat in Albuquerque, the City’s Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) is making some temporary adjustments for the health and safety of its workers. Starting last Friday, July 21, through Sunday, August 20, the open hours at the Cerro Colorado Landfill as well as residential collection times will be shifting two hours earlier to avoid the higher temperatures of the afternoons. 

The Cerro Colorado Landfill is normally open 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. But with this change, that means landfill customers will be able to utilize the facility starting at 5:00 am through 3:00 pm. No customers will be allowed in after 3:00 pm. The hours at the three convenience centers, Eagle Rock, Don Reservoir, and Montessa Park, will not be affected.

As well, collections drivers will also be coming in two hours early to help beat the heat. For residents, this means that their trash, recycling, or large items could be picked up as much as two hours earlier. The department recommends that residents who are typically serviced first thing in the morning on their regular collection day put out their trash, recycling, and large items the night before as the collections trucks could come up to two hours earlier. For more information, visit: cabq.gov/solidwaste

ONE Albuquerque July Newsletter

Hello Albuquerque,

Let’s cut to the chase. We’re experiencing some of the hottest temperatures in our city’s history. While we’re working to provide immediate solutions through cooling centers and Operation Cool Down, we are affirming our commitment to keeping Albuquerque safe and healthy as we deal with the effects of climate change. We will continue investing in our future by building affordable and sustainable housing, reducing emissions, and making sure our green spaces are plentiful.

And it’s all part of making Albuquerque the best place for families. We are working each and every day to deliver on this promise. For instance, this evening we’re celebrating the completion of Phase I of the Los Altos Park improvements, taking a step forward in expanding access to quality outdoor spaces and recreation throughout our city. Later this week, you will also hear more about the vision for the Rail Trail which will connect our communities and provide more opportunities for Burqueños of all ages to work and play. 

As we implement solutions for the now, we’re setting solutions for the future in motion. We are grateful to everyone who drives our city forward, and we will continue working to fulfill the promise of Albuquerque.

Mayor Tim Keller


IDO Annual Updates 2022 Documents Available Online

IDO Annual Update 2022

The changes in the City’s zoning code adopted by City Council have been incorporated into the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO). The changes go into effect July 27, 2023

Staff will hold training sessions on the IDO, including new changes, in early Fall. 

IDO Versions
Effective Document (PDF – large file size best for printing)
Archive Draft – shows changes as colored text with footnotes
PDF – large file size best for printing
Interactive document – optimized PDF best for viewing in a web browser