HOA Committees

Executive Council
The Executive Council is comprised of each member of the Board of Directors and each Committee Chair listed below.

Architectural Control Committee
The Architectural Control Committee works to see that the character and atmosphere of the association is maintained.
Stephen Arguelles, Chair
Montera neighborhood
Stephen Perkin, John Currier, Jared Goolsby

Landscape and Maintenance Committee
The Landscape Committee monitors the health and status of our trails, trees, bushes, and flowers.
John Currier, Chair
Casas del Norte Neighborhood
Dubra Karnes-Padilla, Laura Trumbull

Compliance Team
The Compliance Team identifies and reports infractions of the covenants so they may be corrected.  This same committee keeps an eye out for weeds that need to be removed by the homeowner or tenant.
Scott Campin, Chair
Catamount Neighborhood

Communication Team
The Communication Team produces the HOA newsletter and maintains the website.
Joan Gillis, Chair
Catamount Neighborhood
Nena Perkin, Grace Faustino

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee works closely with the HOA Board and Property Management Company to manage the income and expenses of the Seven Bar Community.
Kenneth McVey, Chair
Casas del Norte neighborhood
Jared Goolsby

The HOA is always looking for new volunteers. If any of these committees interest you, please volunteer for a committee now. Please submit a volunteer form, or contact Jack Corder at 505-896-7700, or associations@corderandcompany.com.

Help maintain community pride and your home’s value by working with the association!