Does the HOA have a management company?
The management company for Seven Bar North is
Corder and Company  
2207 Golf Course Rd SE
Rio Rancho
Email: associations@corderandcompany
Telephone: 505-896-7700

Does the HOA have any employees?
All activities involving the HOA, outside of those handled by the management and landscaping companies, are performed by volunteers.

What do volunteers do for the HOA?

  • Volunteers serve on the Executive Committee consisting of three Board members – President, Vice President, Secretary, and the chairs of the Finance, Compliance, Landscape, Communication, and the Architectural Control Committees.
  • Volunteers also serve as members of the above-mentioned committees, perform activities that generally improve the HOA such as litter collecting, filling the DogiPot stations with bags, reporting common area issues to the Management company, etc.
  • The Communication Committee produces the Newsletter and maintains the website.


What are Seven Bar North Subdivision Restrictions also known as the CCR’s (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions)?
CCRs are publicly recorded deed restrictions. Seven Bar North CCRs are the guidelines governing certain activities within the HOA that every homeowner agreed to when they bought their home in the HOA.

Where can I find a copy of the Covenants?
You were given a copy of the covenants at your closing. The Covenants are available on the Governing Documents page of this website.

What are some possible violations of the Covenants?
The HOA Compliance Team and the management company monitor the association for such things as:

  • Property maintenance (weeds, patchy/dying lawns, dead trees and bushes, landscaping encroaching on sidewalks, etc.),
  • Cars that have not been moved from the HOA for over 30 days,
  • Vehicles parked on a soft surface,
  • RVs, trailers, commercial vehicles,
  • ACC violations (unapproved storage sheds, raised walls, fences and gates, etc.)

How do I report a suspected violation of the Covenants?
Violations should be reported to the management company.

Are there any penalties for Covenant violations?

  • Once a violation has been identified, the management company sends the homeowner a letter notifying them of the violation and giving the homeowner a three week period in which to correct the situation.
  • If the violation is not cleared within the three week grace period, the homeowner receives a second letter, and incurs a $25 penalty fee.
  • If the violation still exists after 30 days, a third letter is sent which incurs a $50 penalty fee.
  • If the homeowner has not corrected the violation after the third letter, the case will be referred to Board for possible legal action.


Who is responsible for the sidewalks within the HOA?
Sidewalks NOT located on Seven Bar Loop, Sierrita or Westside Drive are the responsibility of the property it serves.

Who manages the landscaping in the common areas of the HOA?
The Landscape Committee in conjunction with the landscape company the HOA has hired, plans and maintains the landscaping in the common areas (Seven Bar Loop, Sierrita, the walking paths, and the entrances to each neighborhood).

How often does the landscape company service the HOA?
Yellowstone Landscaping [previously called Heads Up] provides the landscaping maintenance for our HOA.  During the growing season [March through October], the HOA is divided into three sections  –  Week 1. both sides of Seven Bar, Week 2. both sides of Sierrita, and Week 3. Westside and the trails. During the non-growing season [November through February], the HOA is divided into five sections – 1. west side of Seven Bar, 2. east side of Seven Bar, 3. west side of Sierrita, 4. east side of Sierrita, and 5. Westside Blvd.  One section is serviced each week on a rotating basis. The section being serviced is weeded, bushes/shrubs are pruned as needed to keep them off the sidewalk and street, and the irrigation to the plants is checked.  In addition, each week the landscape company picks up litter throughout the HOA, empties the DogiPots, and checks the irrigation to ensure it is working on the sections not treated that week. The landscape company picks up litter on Seven Bar Loop and Sierrita, empties the DogiPots, and checks the irrigation. Every other week they pick up litter along the walking trails.

What should I do if I see a leak in the irrigation system?
If you see a leak in the irrigation system, identify its exact location – corner of Seven Bar and east side of Leno, third tree up on east side of Sierrita, for example. If possible, mark the location in a visible manner and call the management company who will notify the landscape company.