Governing Documents

ACC application will be needed for prior approval for changes to your property as outlined in the HOA covenants, particularly Article 8.

Seven Bar North ACC Application

Homeowner associations are generally the subject of state law. New Mexico homeowner associations are governed by the New Mexico Homeowner Association Act which went into effect in July of 2013.

Seven Bar North HOA Act 2013

Seven Bar Bylaws describe how the HOA will be governed. In business wording, they define the organizational structure.

Seven Bar North By-laws

Seven Bar North Covenants, aka CCRs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) are the guidelines outlining how homeowners are expected to maintain their properties. The primary intent of the CCRs is to protect the value of our homes and to remind everyone how to be a good neighbor.

Seven Bar North Covenants

Additional Policies