ONE Albuquerque September Newsletter

Hello Albuquerque,

First, we would like to wish our students and families a wonderful start to the new school year. We hope you had the opportunity to enjoy our city throughout the summer; whether that was paying a visit to our BioPark, dancing at Summerfest, or taking part in one of our many youth summer programs.

As summer comes to a close, we remain steady on our path to making Albuquerque the best place for families to live and work. This means not only investing in quality of life projects, but it also requires expanding career opportunities for Burqueños. This month, we announced the arrival of Maxeon Solar Technologies to Mesa Del Sol, which will bring over 1,800 jobs and $4.2 billion in economic impact. Our status as a sustainable leader is a major aspect of Maxeon’s decision to reshore to Albuquerque, and we look forward to working with them to create more jobs and spur economic prosperity in our community. 

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, we also reaffirm our commitment to supporting our unions as they call for fair wages and safe working conditions. Earlier this month, we attended several union events including AFSCME’s hiring fair, the Local Carpenters Union’s Solidarity Day, and the Film & TV Expo. While all of these unions have their own focus, they are each a crucial part of our community, advocating for the folks who are literally building our city and keeping it running. We are grateful for their work, and will continue to do what we can at the City level to make sure our laborers – and their families – thrive here.

We hope everyone has a safe and restful Labor Day weekend. We look forward to all the promising possibilities the rest of the year holds. 

Mayor Tim Keller


ONE Albuquerque July Newsletter

Hello Albuquerque,

Let’s cut to the chase. We’re experiencing some of the hottest temperatures in our city’s history. While we’re working to provide immediate solutions through cooling centers and Operation Cool Down, we are affirming our commitment to keeping Albuquerque safe and healthy as we deal with the effects of climate change. We will continue investing in our future by building affordable and sustainable housing, reducing emissions, and making sure our green spaces are plentiful.

And it’s all part of making Albuquerque the best place for families. We are working each and every day to deliver on this promise. For instance, this evening we’re celebrating the completion of Phase I of the Los Altos Park improvements, taking a step forward in expanding access to quality outdoor spaces and recreation throughout our city. Later this week, you will also hear more about the vision for the Rail Trail which will connect our communities and provide more opportunities for Burqueños of all ages to work and play. 

As we implement solutions for the now, we’re setting solutions for the future in motion. We are grateful to everyone who drives our city forward, and we will continue working to fulfill the promise of Albuquerque.

Mayor Tim Keller


IDO Annual Updates 2022 Documents Available Online

IDO Annual Update 2022

The changes in the City’s zoning code adopted by City Council have been incorporated into the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO). The changes go into effect July 27, 2023

Staff will hold training sessions on the IDO, including new changes, in early Fall. 

IDO Versions
Effective Document (PDF – large file size best for printing)
Archive Draft – shows changes as colored text with footnotes
PDF – large file size best for printing
Interactive document – optimized PDF best for viewing in a web browser



Hello Albuquerque,

What a great start to our summer. We hope you have been taking advantage of this wonderful weather and exploring the city whether it’s hiking in the Foothills, taking a dip at a City pool, or supporting local vendors at Art Walk, the Rail Yards Market, and PrideFest. Here at the City, we’re feeling rejuvenated in our mission to make Albuquerque the best it can be. We’re ready for this new season, and we’re maintaining momentum from the 2023 State of the City.

This year’s celebration centered around “the power of us.” Every day, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on those around us and ultimately shape the future of our city. As Burqueños, we are bound together by shared values and a deep appreciation for our home. Our collective power is evident as we continue to create and implement solutions to challenges that affect all of us like public safety, housing, and economic development. 

We appreciate everyone who joined us and shared their stories at State of the City, especially our featured storytellers – Kyle, Dawn, Marie, Vanessa, DeVante, and Tom – who made this event so special and who are continuously making our city better. You can watch their stories and the full speech here.

We are so grateful for this community and we are inspired by the story that we are writing together. Thank you to everyone who is joining us in moving Albuquerque towards its bright and beautiful future.

Mayor Tim Keller


IDO 2022 Annual Update – City Council Hearing and East Gateway Kickoff Reminder

IDO Annual Update

City Council Hearing

Proposed changes to the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO) affecting zoning citywide are expected to be on the City Council  agenda on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 5 p.m.

Please note that the sponsors of the bills intend to make a motion to defer hearing both bills (O-22-54 and O-23-77) until June 5, 2023.

City Council meetings are hybrid, so you can participate in-person in the Vincent E. Griego Chambers in the basement of City Hall and via Zoom.  

These citywide text amendments are legislative, so you may speak to Councilors directly about any of the proposed changes. 

For questions, please contact the Council Planning Manager, Shanna Schultz:

Attend the Hearing

  • Agendas are typically posted here on the Friday before a Council hearing
    • Includes instructions for giving verbal comments at the hearing.
    • Includes Zoom information.

Review Proposed Changes

Send Written Comments