Avoid Water Waste This Summer

Residents are watering more frequently in this extremely hot weather, and the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) encourages efficient irrigation techniques to help avoid water waste.

  • Inspect your irrigation system frequently and address maintenance issues right away
  • Set your irrigation timer to change with the seasons
  • Run your irrigation system in short cycles, allowing water to penetrate the soil between cycles to prevent surface run-off
  • Install check valves at low points in the system to prevent water from draining out between cycles
  • Use drip irrigation instead of spray heads outside of lawn areas
  • Do not mix sprinkler system components from different manufacturers

For more information on irrigation and water conservation tips, visit: https://505outside.com.

Trees Keep Our City Clean, Beautiful and Healthy!

To help increase the Tree Canopy in our urban area, the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) offer “Treebates” to offset part of the cost of planting a new low or medium water usage tree. The “Treebate ‘can also be used to help cover the costs of tree maintenance. As our communities grow, we see the increase in streets, roof tops, and parking lots, etc. All these hard, paved surfaces cause “the heat island effect” warming our cities by as much as 10 degrees. Trees are a great natural tool to help mitigate the heat island effect, and keep our cities clean, beautiful, and healthy! Choose from our list of 20 beautiful trees to increase your tree canopy! Visit www.505Outside for details.

Unauthorized Tree Trimming

Someone has been trimming trees, primarily along Sierrita, and leaving the cut limbs on the sidewalk and in the street.  Limbs are a tripping hazard.  John Currier, Landscape Committee Chair, cleaned up some and asked Yellowstone if they would pick up the rest while they are out.  

This unauthorized tree trimming needs to be stopped to prevent further damage.  Leaving the cut limbs creates a tripping hazard and cutting some infected trees (Fire Blight bacteria and Ash dieback) then cutting uninfected trees will spread the diseases to the uninfected trees.  Appears that most of the trees that have been trimmed were from homeowners’ yards that were growing over the wall and encroaching on the sidewalks.  John Currier originally used to trim back these trees; but with the diseases currently present, he stopped trimming homeowner’s trees for fear of infecting healthy trees after trimming them. 

Please contact Jack Corder at Corder & Company (associations@corderandcompany.com, 505-896-7700) to report any trees that need to be trimmed. 

Tree Planting Season is Here!

Did you know that winter is the start of tree planting season Trees offer many sustainable benefits such as improved air quality, cooling our city and saving water by slowing down evaporation. If you’re interested in planting a tree and aren’t sure how to get started, visit: www.letsplant.org to find out about climate-appropriate trees you can plant here in Albuquerque!

Water Utility Authority Reminds Residents to Ramp Down Watering

Landscape water needs begin to drop by mid-August, which is when the irrigation schedule needs to be ramped down. This may seem counter-intuitive because of how hot it is in Albuquerque during August, September and October, but when plants are preparing for the winter, they need less water. For autumn watering recommendations, visit: www.505outside.com.