High Wind and Fugitive Dust Affecting Seven Bar North

Wintergreen Apartments Construction Golf Course and Westside

Seven Bar North neighborhoods are being affected by the blowing dirt and dust from the Wintergreen Apartments construction site.
Area contractors and businesses must comply with Albuquerque-Bernalillo County’s fugitive dust regulation. 
For assistance, please email aqd@cabq.gov, call Tony Romero at 228-6989.

High Wind and Fugitive Dust Reminder
We are in New Mexico’s “windy season,” and excessive particulate pollution caused by blowing dust is a health hazard. Excessive dust can also limit roadway visibility and impact neighboring properties.
This notification serves two purposes: To remind permit holders of actions they must take to control their dust; and to inform the general public of ways minimize their personal impact. Together we can keep our community clean and safe.

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If you would like to contact the contractor directly, here is a link to their website: https://snyder-const.com/