Spring Compliance Team Report

As usual, the majority of HOA covenant compliance issues involve weeds in homeowners’ yards. Isn’t it amazing how fast weeds reappear as soon as warm weather returns? Warm weather has returned, so please check your yard, including the space between the sidewalk and street for weeds. Thank you to most homeowners who do a great job controlling weeds. Not only does “going weedless” improve the appearance of our community, it also helps maintain property values.

There are several alternatives to controlling weeds.

  • Weed burning with a propane torch is fast, but may be fairly short-lived because burning does not prevent new weeds and then the burner will be needed again.
  • Weed killer chemicals can be used, but be careful handling them.
  • Lawn care companies offer weed prevention services at a reasonable price. The service I use sprays once in the spring and it lasts the whole year.
  • Finally, there is pulling weeds by hand using a variety of hand tools. When using this method, make sure to pull the root as well as the weed so the weed does not regrow.

Although weeds comprise the majority of covenant violations, the Compliance Team also monitors compliance with other HOA covenants. Issues include vehicles parked in yards, RVs parked at a house for extended periods of time, and stored vehicles – ones that have not left the HOA at least once every thirty (30) days. Please respect your neighbors and park your vehicles in accordance with HOA covenants: https://7barnorthhoa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Seven-Bar-North-Covenants.pdf

If you are interested in participating in the compliance effort, please contact Corder and Company (505-896-7700) or submit a volunteer opportunity form: https://7barnorthhoa.com/hoa-committee-information/hoa-volunteer-opportunities/.