Updates on Surrounding Development Projects

Westside Boulevard Widening

1. LED lights like those installed on Westside almost always result in complaints about how bright they are.  They have been tested using a gun-like device that measures light intensity and none have recorded a measurement that exceeded standards.         
Deflectors – there is discussion about putting deflectors on the lights that will result in the light just hitting the base of the wall.  They are trying to determine the size and angle of deflectors that would result in limiting the light to just Westside and not the adjoining backyards/homes.

2. The contractor has placed black weed barrier in between the sidewalk and the street.  This should really reduce the weed problem in the future. The barrier was put in at the contractor’s expense; it was not a requirement in the city contract.             
Stones will eventually be placed over the weed barrier.  The contractor is seeking city approval for the size of the stone to be used.  City has not yet approved the stone size.

  3. There is a large box being installed at the west side of Sierrita and Westside.  This will be the controller for the irrigation in the median.

  4. Installation of the sidewalk has exposed the foundation of our wall in some locations.  If it remained exposed, it could undermine the wall’s foundation.  The contractor has put in a small wall and filling the area between the new wall and our HOA wall with concrete to protect our wall’s foundation.  It extends about 250 feet west from Sierrita.

5.  Median plantings – unknown when they will be planted.  Our city rep is pushing to have the plantings done within 2 weeks following completion of the road, but there is some question whether she can come up with the money.  If the money is not available now, it could take as long as 2-years for the money to become available.  

Wintergreen Apartments

The construction is proceeding as planned. The project is scheduled to be completed in October 2023.

New Car Wash

A car wash will be going in on Golf Course just north of the Wintergreen Apartments.

Circle K on Southeast Corner of Golf Course and Westside

Currently the project design for the Circle K project is on HOLD. When the project moves forward the goal is to be under construction by late summer 2023. The intent is to proceed with a Circle K. It is unknown how long the hold will be for.