Covid-19 Message from our HOA Board

We hope that this note finds everyone well during this surreal time of COVID-19. We understand that many in our community are being affected by the efforts of the city, state and federal government to contain the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. The HOA is taking actions to ease the stress of our community in the small way that we can. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone.

• The HOA is suspending late fees on the annual dues until May and will re-evaluate at that time. If you received a recent late notice, that $5 fee will be reversed on your account.

• We are also suspending landscape violation warnings and fines until May. Corder and Company will continue monitoring the neighborhood during this time, but will not send letters. We would encourage you to get some fresh air and pick some weeds on the nice days, but we fully understand that there are more important things on most minds.

• We have also added key City, State and Federal Government contacts and links to our website to assist the Seven Bar North Community in obtaining information and support that might be needed.

Our Property Management Company – Corder and Company will be starting to work remotely starting next week. Please be aware that this may cause a little delay in answering calls; please be patient with them.

Please take a moment and check on your neighbors – reach out with a text or call to see if anyone needs help.
Regards – DD, Stephen, Scott