Seven Bar North Spring Activity

Bulbs and trees are blooming, weeds are popping up, and neighbors are out in their yards working on projects, all bringing a renewed spirit of life and hope. I love my daily (ok, most days) dog walks enabling me to see the hustle and bustle of our community, allowing me to gawk at beautiful changes made. It is apparent we take great pride in our homes. The neighborly waves from driveways remind me why I choose to live in 7 Bar North.

April 1st – no, not April Fools – but the beginning of verifying weed compliance throughout the community. Yes, it is that time of the year!

Not only do we see weeds popping up at our homes, but they are appearing throughout the common area landscaping, too. John Currier is working with Yellowstone to have our common areas weed free as we begin rolling out compliance procedures in our neighborhoods.

You may notice this is not HOA President, Scott Templeton, writing the Board Corner article this round. Do not worry, Scott is in excellent health. We’ve decided to share the responsibility of writing the newsletter article. I’m pleased that Scott and Stephen have entrusted me with this.

Nena Perkin, Joan Gillis, Candyce Jacobs, and Scott Templeton have made excellent progress in increasing our level of communication with HOA members. I hope everyone reads and views not only the newsletter, but also our community website, our Facebook group page, and our Next Door group. These are excellent resources for finding what is going on in our community. We are also using email to notify homeowners of issues of immediate importance, such as public meetings that directly affect our community. Please ensure Corder Management has your updated email address so you will receive these notices. We continue to send out postcards as needed but wouldn’t it be lovely to focus this spending on a new tree for the common area!

Other news of note:

  • The Westside Blvd. expansion may have begun by the time you read this. Nena Perkin provides an excerpt from the article posted on the City’s website:
    • “After roadway construction is completed, the COA will initiate a Quality of Life Enhancement Phase II to include a review of potential noise mitigation measures, and creation of a median landscaping prototype designed through a community decision process on the landscape palette materials. I am committing $300,000 from District 5 GO bond set-aside funding to ensure the quality of life of adjacent neighborhoods is preserved in Westside Blvd.’s Phase II.” – City Council President Cynthia Borrego
  • Golf Course and Westside Blvd SE corner development (information provided by Scott Templeton).
    • The HOA and our Property Management Company, Corder & Co. were contacted by Red Sky Holdings. Red Sky is asking the surrounding community to provide input on what kind of development on that site would make our neighborhood better. Nothing has been submitted for review or approval to the City of Albuquerque at this time.
    • Reach out to Chase Ruffin at Colliers, the local representative for Red Sky, at (505)-880-7087 or for input or more information.
    • Watch our HOA Website Announcements page for diagrams and updates.
  • The Wintergreen Apartments on Golf Course and Westside have been approved, pending any appeals filed by March 25th.  We are not aware of any appeals pending.  The decision is available on the City’s website.

Lastly, kudos to the many HOA volunteers and Corder and Company! Not a beat was lost as we worked through a year of COVID. Everyone excelled in creating new processes, bettering communication, and improving trails and landscaping. I’m proud of the support we have in keeping our community safe and beautiful. You are all appreciated!