Petition for Westside Boulevard Speeding and Lighting Resolution

The Westside Boulevard Expansion project has created difficult problems for many of our Seven Bar North residents. These issues can, and must, be fixed. For at least two years, many of our HOA homeowners who live in the vicinity of Westside Blvd. have had to live with the daily threat and disturbance of dangerous speeding and racing that occurs on this one mile stretch of road. We have seen drivers travel at high speed, sometimes well over twice the speed limit. We are petitioning our city officials to install automated speed enforcement cameras to curb the excessive speeding and drag racing.
It is time the speeders are stopped!

The expansion project has also brought light pollution into the yards and homes of our residents bordering Westside. While it is unfortunate that there are some 40 new streetlights on this mile-long stretch of road, these lights do not conform to New Mexico State law or local law. We demand that the City of Albuquerque fully shield the Westside streetlights as required by law!

This petition will be addressed to:

  • Mayor Tim Keller
  • District 5 City Councilor Dan Lewis
  • City Council members
  • Department of Municipal Development

Please sign this petition. Please also consider attending the Constructive Conversations session with Mayor Keller and Councilor Lewis on Tuesday, May 28th, 5:30 pm, Cibola High School cafeteria. The petition will be submitted at that time, and we hope to have a strong presence from Seven Bar North.

Petition to Resolve Westside Boulevard Speeding/Racing and Light Pollution

We are petitioning City officials to install automated speed enforcement cameras on Westside Boulevard bordering the Seven Bar North neighborhoods to curb excessive speeding and drag racing. We are also petitioning for effective streetlight shielding to eliminate light pollution trespassing into the neighborhood yards and homes backing up to Westside.

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