Fall 2022

DD Lane, Chair
Board Information
Thanks to Scott Templeton, our past HOA President and Finance Committee Chair, for being our fearless leader these last several years. He has supported our community in positive ways during his tenure, but for personal reasons he has resigned. Scott will continue to be a big part of the neighborhood and our community. Cheers to you Scott!

We are excited to have Nena Perkin as our new HOA Board Secretary. Nena has supported our community the past four years, most recently as HOA Communication Committee Chair and website manager. Due to Nena’s new position, Joan Gillis will now chair the Communication Team with Nena’s continued involvement.

Your HOA Board now consists of President, DD Lane (prior Secretary), VP, Stephen Arguelles, and Secretary, Nena Perkin. We will continue to make HOA decisions as a team with a priority of being good stewards of our HOA budget and to best represent the interests of our residents and community.

HOA Communication
Our Communication Team keeps the HOA community informed with email blasts and/or postings on the website (7barnorthhoa.com) about any notifications or updates about events or projects affecting the HOA. The HOA Board’s mission is to communicate information regarding issues that affect our community. The Board, however does not take a position with regard to events and projects that impact the neighborhood. Individual homeowners are encouraged to be informed and to be involved in specific matters that are of concern to them. City issues of concern can be addressed with District 5 City Councilor, Dan Lewis: danlewis@cabq.gov, 505-768-3118.
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HOA Dues Billing
Because of issues with the electronic billing of HOA dues earlier this year, Corder and Company will resend paper billings for all past due accounts, with 2022 late fees and interest waived if paid by September 15. Failure to pay within this grace period will result in late fees and interest charges.

Please note: Future billing of HOA dues will be sent via email. If you do not receive your bill by early January, please contact Corder and Company: 505-896-7700 or associations@corderandcompany.com.

Past Due HOA Accounts Being Sent to Collection Agency
The HOA has begun to send all past due accounts over $1,000 to Axela, a collection agency. The HOA does not incur costs in contracting with Axela who has had success in recouping monies owed on past due accounts. The HOA Board will consider sending lower value past due accounts to collections as well.
Past due
The HOA provides ample opportunity for homeowners to bring accounts current through monthly installment payments that have been approved by the Board. The Board feels it is an unfairness to the homeowners in good standing when over twenty (20) community homeowners are severely past due. Past due accounts have a negative impact when budgeting HOA income.

If you have a past due account, please contact Corder and Company at 505-896-7700 to make payment arrangements to bring your account current. Please do it soon. Once an account is sent to Acela, the homeowner will be dealing directly with Acela rather than with Corder and Company.
Road Construction
Surrounding Construction
Construction of Westside Blvd and The Wintergreen Apartments north of the arroyo on Golf Course continues. Updates are posted on our website: 7barnorthhoa.com

We Need Volunteers

Kudos to the many HOA volunteers who are already supporting our community. WE NEED MORE.
If interested, contact:
Corder and Company - associations@corderandcompany,
The HOA Board – info@7barnorthhoa.com, or
Submit an online Volunteer form (login required).
Finance – We do not have a Finance Chair - or a committee. The Board will cover until we get volunteers.
Communication - web page expertise and other backup support needed. Currently 2 volunteers;
Landscaping - currently 2 volunteers;
ACC – has 4 volunteers, three of whom serve on other committees;
Compliance - 2 volunteers verifying Corder and Company’s compliance processes.

Back to school sign
Back to school!

Please be watchful of students in our community
and slow down.
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Stephen Arguelles
Albuquerque is still in a seller's market and with 1,500 homes on the market, the inventory level is low. This low supply drives the price point higher, where most buyers are paying a premium. Mortgage rates are on the rise, which might cause some buyers to hold off!
Seven Bar North is still proving to be a highly desired neighborhood and most homes are selling quickly and over asking price!
RE table
John Currier, Chair
Yellowstone maintenance schedule
The work schedule for Yellowstone Landscaping for the non-growing season - November through February – will be a five-week cycle:
Week 1 - West side of Seven Bar
Week 2 - East side of Seven Bar
Week 3 - West side of Sierrita
Week 4 - East Side of Sierrita
Week 5 - Trails

New Trees:
As mentioned previously, we are planting a variety of tree species to diversify our street tree population and to make our street trees less susceptible to insect and disease.
Eight (8) new trees were or are to be planted this year:

  • A Mesa Glow Maple killed by beetles was replaced by a Lace Bark Elm on the east side of Seven Bar;
  • A Thornless Cockspur [Hawthorne] was planted on the north end of Sierrita;
  • Two dying Purple Leaf Plums on the east side of Seven Bar were replaced with oaks;
  • Two 1 ¾” Golden Rain trees were planted on West Leno to replace a failing Ash and an Ash that was knocked down by an impaired driver;
  • A 2” Golden Rain tree on Amaranth replaced one that was also knocked down by an impaired driver;
  • A 2” Purple Leaf Plum was cost shared with a homeowner who requested a tree be planted on Seven Bar behind his home.
Tree trimming
City code requires that all trees be trimmed to a height of seven feet over sidewalks. HOA trees along the pedestrian walkways were trimmed in March. HOA trees along Seven Bar, Sierrita and the entrances to our communities were trimmed in August.
Homeowners are reminded that they are responsible for trimming trees on their property that overhang the sidewalks. For most, this will be trees in the front yard. However, homes on corners are also responsible for trimming trees hanging over the sidewalks along the side wall as well. Those homes that back up to Seven Bar and Sierrita and Westside are also responsible for trimming limbs that may extend over their back walls and obstruct the sidewalks.

The Sierrita "Add Color" test project
Because the planting spaces on Sierrita are small, in 2021 we placed perennial flowers, dwarf bushes and smaller trees along the lower portion of Sierrita as a test project. Vegetation planted included:

  • 1 small tree (2" caliper) Chinese Pistache with bright red fall foliage
  • 8 2-gallon Dwarf Butterfly bushes
  • 3 Buzz Raspberry bushes with reddish purple flowers
  • 5 Buzz Midnight with dark purple flowers
  • 19 1 and 2-gallon sized perennial flowering plants of various colors
  • 5 blue Plumbago ground cover
  • 4 blue Lyrical Salvia
  • 4 burgundy Gaillardia
  • 4 yellow Moonshine Yarrow
  • 2 Firepower Nandina with red foliage
The results this spring were very encouraging. We lost only a few Plumbagos over the winter which the HOA replaced this spring. The other plantings resulted in a colorful display that brightened that section of Sierrita. As the plants mature and get larger, we can expect even more spectacular color throughout the summer and fall. If we get the same results this coming spring, we will consider adding more perennial flowers along other sections of Sierrita.

Additional landscape projects
The Board has approved additional landscape projects that will be completed by Yellowstone sometime this fall:

  • new/replacement trees,
  • removing and replacing dead/dying bushes, and
  • replacing several plants that were planted by Yellowstone in previous years but have died. These will be replaced at no cost to the HOA under Yellowstone’s warranty program.
Westside Boulevard landscaping
Construction should be completed and the 4-lane road opened sometime this fall. All the trees and shrubs on the south side along with the irrigation system have been removed. The city does not plan to replace any of the trees and shrubs along our common wall but will plant some vegetation in the center median. The city has stated that the HOA will be consulted on what will be planted. The HOA will need to consider re-repainting the wall as the paint behind the removed vegetation does not match the more recently painted sections of wall.

Irrigation System
The original irrigation system was installed over 25-years ago in the 1990’s. The irrigation lines (3/4” poly) were replaced over a 3-year period (2010 – 2012). However, the valves and controls are original and several may need to be replaced in the near future. Tree roots and fluctuating water pressure stress and break the poly lines over time. The entire system will probably have to be replaced in another 3 to 5-years.

Flowerbeds on Seven Bar
Because of the additional flowers and shrubs planted last year, the flowerbeds received many compliments from the HOA membership. Our thanks to Dubra Karnes Padilla who, as a volunteer, manages these flower beds.
Stephen Arguelles, Chair
Fall is upon us! Home projects often continue into this season. Remember to submit an ACC application for any changes to the exterior of your home, even for something as minor as installing gutters.
The following are pitfalls we have seen that could easily have been avoided by following the approval process:

  • Stuccoing/painting exterior of home with a color that does not fall within the “earth tones” palette;
  • Installing or modifying driveway in a manner that does not fit our neighborhood;
  • Installing windows that do not fall in line with the rest of the neighborhood;
  • Adding to a block wall that cannot take on additional blocks due to weight or city ordinance;
  • Installing a fence down the property line without getting neighbors’ approval;
  • Adding a shed that does not follow the covenants;
  • Modifying/enhancing your project outside of the scope that was approved.
To prevent issues, get an ACC approval form and submit it to Corder and Company before beginning the project. Reference the HOA Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions (CCRs) you received when you bought your house. This document is also available on our website (Governing Documents | Seven Bar North HOA (7barnorthhoa.com). You have the option to submit an ACC application online (login required). Or contact Corder & Company (Associations@corderandcompany.com or 505‑896‑7700) and ask them to send the ACC form to you.
The ACC can typically approve or deny your request within a week. Please do not start a project without submitting the approval form. That turns a simple process into a situation that is difficult for everyone. Remember, the goal is to preserve the neighborhood environment and protect the value of your home.
We are also in need of volunteers to join the ACC team! We currently have four members (one Chair & three members), with three of these members also serving on other committees. All ACC work is done via email in the convenience of your own home or office. We typically get a few dozen applications throughout the year with a majority coming in the summer months.
The increased usage of our website over the last year has really driven a lot of requests to come in electronically. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to submit an ACC application and hope more homeowners will utilize this easy method of communication.
HOA 2022 ACC Approvals (login required)
morning glories
Nena Perkin, Team Member
Greetings Seven Bar North HOA residents. Fall is in the air! Our students are back in school and the inimitable smell of green chili roasting welcomes us to our area grocery stores. The State Fair and Balloon Fiesta are right around the corner. We are so blessed with our great New Mexico fall weather bringing crisp mornings, sunshiny days, and cool evenings.

Joan Gillis is back as our Communication Team chair and represents the team on the Executive Committee. I am proud to say Joan and I have been volunteering together for five years. We met at the Annual Meeting in 2017 when Joan was looking for help on the first ever issue of our newsletter, Seven Bar Buzz. I volunteered and we have been creating communication vehicles for the HOA ever since. It is our goal to keep HOA homeowners informed whether through the newsletter, website, or email blasts.

We would love to get additional volunteers to work with us. We are in need of volunteers with website experience. Please step up. If you are interested contact info@7barnorthhoa.com, Corder and Company at 505‑896‑7700, associations@corderandcompany, or submit an online Volunteer form.

Website info
Have you visited our website recently? (7barnorthhoa.com) The Governing Documents webpage has been updated to include additional Board-approved HOA policies. These policies are specific to issues that arise frequently, such as wall raising, RV parking, nonconforming fencing, etc.

Annual meeting
Please watch your inbox for Annual Meeting notices. Mark your calendars for November 10th at 6:00 pm. Details to follow. If you are unable to attend, please submit your proxy form.

Contact us
Please continue to contact us (info@7barnorthhoa.com) with any questions or concerns. Information for our Neighborhood Announcements page would be especially welcome. We appreciate hearing from you.
Corder and Company
Westside is ALMOST finished! With a little luck, we will see the finished product by the end of September. Contact Dan Lewis, your city councilor, (danlewis@cabq.gov or 505-768-3118) to let him know what was done right and what needs attention, now before problems come up. NOISE and SPEEDING will be the big ones to talk about right away. The other issue will be a potential TRAFFIC light at Seven Bar Loop and Westside!

We are seeing many homes with weeds because of the rain in the past few weeks. We have sent out almost 400 courtesy notices to HOA homeowners encouraging them to stay on top of the yard work so there is less to take care of later on. Notices will have a dated and time-stamped picture to show what our compliance inspector saw. The Seven Bar North area remains an area of highest demand for housing on the west side partly because HOA homeowners keep their properties in great condition.

We’ve also noticed that some RVs are staying within the HOA longer than is allowed by HOA covenants. Please be a good neighbor and store your RV offsite or in your garage.
We encourage you to call our office with any questions you have. If you see a problem, let us know about that as well.

Corder staffing
Corder and Company has some new faces in the office. Please stop by to meet them, even have a cup of coffee with us.

Cathie Offret is our Accounting Manager and has been with us over a year now. She can answer questions about your bill.

Michael McGuffin is our Compliance Manager. You will see him in and around the subdivision watching for any issues that affect the neighborhood and its quality of life. His is the signature you will see on letters reminding you to keep your property in a condition that maintains our standing as a “highly desirable area.” Remember, when you are ready to sell, that designation will have a positive impact on your sales price.
Community Policing Council
The goal of each Community Policing Council is to engage in candid, detailed and meaningful dialogue between Albuquerque Police and the citizens they serve. Councils are independent from the City and Department. They are encouraged to formally recommend changes to Albuquerque Police Department policies and procedures. They are also asked to make recommendations and identify concerns, problems, successes and opportunities within each area command and for the department as a whole.

Council Membership
Each of the six Community Policing Councils is composed of members from the community and voting members. Voting members must reside within or have businesses within the boundaries of their area command.
All attendees (members) are encouraged to submit recommendations, provide input concerning recommendations, ask questions and submit topics for discussion.

The zoom meeting link:
Webinar Registration - Zoom

E-mail contact information for the CPC Board:

Northwest CPC recommendations
17-03: Safe Exchange Zone
21-15: APD Equipment for Vehicles
21-14: APD Traffic Unit
18-05: Community Patrol Officers
18-04: Bicycle Evidence
18-03: Vehicle Ambush Prevention Technology
18-02: Naloxone Training and Equipment
18-01: APD Show Cars
17-02: Mail Theft and Vandalism
16-03: Rescue Devices to Ensure Public Safety
16-02: Hearing Protection for Animals
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