November 2023

Board Corner
Nena Perkin, Vice President
Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler fall weather (finally). The leaves are turning later this year and the fall colors are now presenting their full brilliance. Take time to walk our trails and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and nature’s colors.

Annual Meeting

First and foremost, please plan on attending our HOA Annual Meeting on November 9th at 6:30 pm to be held at the First Baptist Church in Rio Rancho. You may have already received the meeting notice, agenda, and proxy. The annual meeting is where we share with you the HOA activities we have undertaken this past year, planned future projects, and an opportunity to introduce our new Board members. It is also your opportunity to share any HOA concerns you may have. We welcome your feedback. We look forward to seeing you on November 9th.
We have fielded complaints from residents about speeding in our neighborhoods. We would like to remind everyone that the speed limit throughout Seven Bar North is 25 mph. Please slow down and abide by the speed limit. We have our students back in school walking to and from bus stops or to school. We have residents walking our trails and crossing our streets, parents and grandparents with babies in tow or in strollers, and pet owners walking their pets all over our neighborhoods. Please keep safety first in mind and protect our residents and loved ones.

Walking Trails

Speaking of trails, motorized vehicles are not allowed anywhere on our walking trails. Please keep ATVs, motorcycles, etc. off the trails to prevent damage.
Violations at Rental Properties
We have been having problems with property management companies not responding to violation letters sent for rental properties. Tenants in rental properties will now start receiving friendly reminders to alert them to potential violations. We are hoping this will facilitate a more timely response from their property companies/landlords. Succeeding violation letters will continue to be sent to the entity on record as owner of the property.

Trick or Treat

Our trick-or-treaters will soon descend on our doorsteps! Thank you to those of you with Halloween decorations for setting a festive and welcoming mood. Enjoy the princesses, superheroes, and any other spooky and delightful characters you may be lucky enough to greet this Halloween.
Again, we look forward to seeing you on November 9th!
The regular local election will be held on November 7th. Early voting is underway. Please visit the New Mexico Voter Information Portal at NMVote.org to check your voter registration and view your sample ballot.

John Currier, Chair

Landscape maintenance of the HOA
At the beginning of November Yellowstone will be starting the non-growing season (November – February) schedule. The property will be treated on a four-week cycle.
Week 1 - West side of Seven Bar to include the trails
Week 2 - East side of Seven Bar to include the trails
Week 3 - West side of Sierrita to include the trails
Week 4 - East Side of Sierrita to include the trail
Irrigation replacement
The Board has approved replacing most of the irrigation system this coming year. The original irrigation system was installed over 25-years ago. The current irrigation lines [3/4” poly] were replaced over a 3-year period (2010 – 2012). Numerous leaks occurred during the past growing season resulting in several thousand dollars in irrigation repairs.
The poly lines along the streets are subject to wear as they are alongside concrete sidewalks or curbs and are subject to pressure from tree roots. There are double lines (one for trees and one for shrubs/bushes) on each side of Seven Bar and Sierrita for almost 50,000 feet of ¾” irrigation line that needs to be replaced. In addition, each tree has 4 emitters and each shrub/bush has 2 or 3 emitters, all of which also need to be replaced.
Construction should start early next year weather permitting.
Jared Goolsby, Chair
The ACC application is available on the website (7barnorthhoa.com) or
from Corder and Company (505-896-7700).
Jack Corder
We are working with homeowners to get the past due balances paid. The number of homeowners that have outstanding balances over $900 has dropped from 18 to 12 as of the end of October. That’s good BUT we have a large number of homeowners who have not paid their dues for this year. Interest and late fees are adding to the original balance of $220. If the balance is not paid by the end of the year, your account could be sent to the collection service next year. That will add about $500 to your balance. If you think you may owe for this year, please contact our office or go online and check your account. You can make a payment online using a credit card, or an electronic check or drop a check in the mail. Your association depends upon you to help pay for the improvements to the neighborhood area.

The Board of Directors has set a threshold for accounts to be sent to collections at $500. This is two years of dues, so it is important that you send in your dues as soon as possible, and avoid having to deal with the collections service.
Questions may be directed to Jack Corder at 505-896-7700 or email Jack at Jack@corderandcompany.com


Michael McGuffin

The neighborhood is looking good! We have had a good response to the weed violation notices that were sent out this year.
Friendly reminders for weeds sent out: 239.
First violation letter for weeds: 30. That's 87% compliance with just a friendly notice.
Second violation letter for weeds: 9. That's 70% compliance of homeowners who did not cure after first letter.
These are great percentages. Thank you to the homeowners who followed through.

Avoid having your car stolen
Taking precautionary and target-hardening measures can reduce your chances of becoming the victim of an auto theft. Tips to help make your vehicle an unappealing target for auto thieves:
· Always roll up your windows, lock the doors, and take your key, even if you will only be away for a short time.
· Never leave your car running unattended.
· Park your vehicle in a visible area with good lighting.
· If you have a garage, use it; as an alternative park in your driveway.
· Lock the garage door and your vehicle.
· Do not leave the title inside the vehicle.
Devices to deter theft
· Kill Switch – Interrupts the electrical, fuel or ignition system.
· Steering Wheel (Club) Lock – Prevents the steering wheel from being turned more than a few degrees; visible from outside the vehicle.
· VIN Etching – Etching the VIN number on the vehicle’s glass can make it less valuable to thieves.

The majority of auto thefts take place night or in the early morning hours, and over half occur in residential areas including apartment complexes.
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