August 2023

Board Corner
Terry Unruh, President
We can all appreciate the beauty of our neighborhoods in the Seven Bar North HOA. As homeowners, every day we enjoy the many kinds of trees, cacti, and other plants and flowers we cultivate to make our streets and yards attractive. This not only creates beauty but also helps property values.

And we should also appreciate our HOA Landscape and Maintenance Committee for their work seeing that street plantings and other common areas are irrigated, pruned, and monitored for health and safety. The Committee helps enforce the HOA’s dead tree policy by monitoring dead and dying trees. (You can find this policy on our website under Governing Documents: Seven Bar HOA Dead Tree Policy

It is up to individual homeowners to tend to their property’s landscaping. If you have a dead tree in your front yard, or a dead/dying tree that is considered a safety hazard, you probably have received a friendly reminder letter saying that you have such a tree and that it should be removed from your yard.

Let’s all work together to enhance the unique character of Seven Bar North.

Landscape Committee

John Currier, Chair
Landscape Revitalization of HOA Entrances
Dubra Karnes-Padilla
In April, Landscape Committee member volunteers, Grace Faustino and Dubra Karnes-Padilla, submitted a landscape revitalization proposal for the entrances to the eight HOA community neighborhoods. Dubra and Grace established a priority list for updating each neighborhood entrance, beginning with the entrances on Sierrita. The goal of the project is to create a welcoming gateway to our Seven Bar North HOA communities for both homeowners and visitors.

The revitalized entrances will enhance the overall appearance of the HOA resulting in value-added for our individual properties.
John Currier, Landscape Committee Chair, and Dubra met with Yellowstone Landscape Field Manager, Beth Adams, to discuss adding new and removing some existing landscaping to make the aesthetics of every entrance consistent as much as possible. Beth recommended some plants that would add visual appeal,
be water-friendly, and capable of withstanding the climate and soil in our HOA. The proposal was submitted to the HOA Board in May and was approved for the following entrances on Sierrita:
  • Rancho Del Cielo at Amaranth
  • Casitas Del Norte at Amaranth
  • Cerro Crestado at Via Vagio
The work began in mid-June. Shortly thereafter, John and Dubra met with Beth to walk and review the project. Several needed corrections were noted. Due to irrigation issues in the HOA and the extreme heat, the requested corrections had not been completed at the time of this newsletter article. Please stay tuned and know that the Landscape Committee is working on your behalf to showcase the beauty, care and pride we take in our HOA.
Special note: If you see trees that need trimming because they encroach on the sidewalks or path, please call Corder and Company (505-896-7700). Please DO NOT trim them yourself.
A reminder that with the exception of the management company with which the HOA has a contract, the HOA is run by volunteers. Want to help out? Send an email to info@7barnorthoa.com. Lots of opportunities: website, newsletter, landscape, ACC, etc.
Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
Jared Goolsby, Chair
The ACC application is available on the website (7barnorthhoa.com) or
from Corder and Company (505-896-7700).
Project Description
Date submitted
Concrete pad 12 x 12
4332 Woodrose Rd
replace windows, almond color- close to original
4308 Dry Creek
4005 Rayado
Repainting of Home
4001 Pasaje
12005 Cascada Azul
Staining of concrete pad for back porch
12001 Cascada Azul
Concrete by front door
11001 Snowbird
Repainting of home
11000 Sandreed
Stucco crackseal and re-stucco Navajo White
11000 Sandreed
Addition of concrete pad to rear of home
10919 Farola
Repainting Garage and Trim
Greetings! It has been very hot this summer. Getting out to do yard work in the heat is a challenge, but we still encourage every homeowner to make the effort to take care of their yard. A little TLC now helps to keep the weeds and general debris in check and yards looking good through the winter months. Thanks for your cooperation.

Collections service for past due accounts!
Early this year the HOA Board of Directors made the decision to use a collection service to handle homeowners with an unpaid balance of $500 and higher. If you are one of these homeowners and your account is sent to the collection service, you can expect that this will add about $500 in administrative costs to your account balance. In addition, a lien will be placed on your home and a report will be made to the credit reporting agencies. Since we started placing accounts for collection, the association has collected almost 10% of the past due balance. Just since the end of April we have received $4,000 in payments for past due accounts.

Fifty percent of the total amount of the past due balances is owed by fewer than 15 homeowners. Liens have been placed on these homes and the collection service has reported them to the credit bureaus. When an account is placed with the collection service, Corder and Company can no longer accept payments from the homeowner and the homeowner must deal directly with the collection service. Save yourself money and headaches by paying your annual dues when the time comes at the beginning of the year.
This is your association, and it is every homeowner’s responsibility to make their payments when due so that the association will have the money needed to take care of the landscaping and trails that everyone uses, and that add value to HOA properties.
Thank you to all homeowners who responded to Violation notices by making the necessary corrections. We appreciate your cooperation. It goes a long way to keeping Seven Bar North looking great.

*Interest accrues on unpaid fees.
**Three (3) days for RV parked in driveway or on street.
Seven (7) days for guest’s RV parked in driveway or on street.
Seven (7) days for stored vehicle or prohibited parking of vehicles
If violation has not been corrected within 44 days, the matter will be referred to the attorney representing the HOA.
The Violations and Fines Policy as well as the Covenants and additional policies are available on the website Governing Documents webpage.
First request is to vacate the public right-of-way and easement. Will probably be an access road off Westside into the facilities. Second request is to convert 1 lot to 4 lots.
The hearings have been deferred to August 23rd.
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Meeting ID: 817 1191 9604
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