Winter 2021


Winter 2021 HOA News and Activity

Scott Templeton, HOA Board Chair

Not sure about you, but I am glad we are leaving 2020 in the rear-view mirror. The pandemic will still be with us for a while in 2021, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Moving forward into the New Year we are pleased to say that the final section of our walking trails (from Sierrita east to the arroyo) has been refurbished. This will complete our 2‑year effort to renovate all four sections of our walking trails. This has been a significant cost and effort for the HOA with the results being enjoyed by many in our community. The pandemic has prompted many residents to enjoy the trails and brisk fresh air for relaxation and exercise. Each afternoon, Wiley and I take a walk in the sunshine and smile at the many neighbors we see out and about. A huge thank you is due to John Currier who has led this effort for the HOA. Thanks John!

Our neighborhood annual meeting was a virtual event this year with our website hosting the 2020 Annual Update. If you haven’t had a chance to check this out, please take a peek. We voted on-line for the 2021 Budget and retention of Scott Templeton to the HOA Board. Unfortunately, we did not receive enough votes for the tally to be valid. The Board has approved both measures.

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HOA Financials:
Cash Flow 2020
Top 10 Expenses 2020
Communication Team

Seven Bar North Website

Nena Perkin, Communication Team Chair

Have you visited our website lately? Some of our recent announcements include:
All of our announcements allow for Comments. Please comment on any of our posts.

The “Our Elected Officials” page has been updated with the election results.

If you would like to pay your HOA dues online through our website, navigate to the Corder site by signing in to the Homeowners Only section and using the “Pay Account” menu item. Keep in mind that you will have to log in to the Corder portal with the email and password you used to register through Corder and Company which may not be the same as the one you use to log in to our website.
If you enjoyed the beautiful displays in our neighborhood over the holiday, re-visit some of them in our Gallery sub-page Seven Bar North Holidays.

We continue to develop our website as a reference tool for our residents. Please let us know how we are doing. Send any feedback you may have to info@7barnorthhoa.com.
Corder and Company

Spring Is Coming

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Jack Corder, Corder and Company

We hope all is well at your home and that everyone is safe. It looks like the State will continue the current lock down in some form for the foreseeable future. We encourage you to follow the three W’s: Wash your hands, Wear your mask and Watch your distance! The vaccine is being rolled out and more folks are getting the shots, but it will take time. Be patient and be safe!
Our office is open by appointment only, and we are working from the office on an as-needed basis. Since most of our team is working remotely, please do not stop by the office without an appointment as we may not even be here. Most questions can be answered over the phone or by email. Payments can be made electronically via our software. If you have any problems logging into the software, please call Ana. She will send you an email to reset your password. Ana Aragon is our new HOA Manager and will be happy to take your calls and answer your questions. She can help with problems, but is working mostly from home rather than in the office, so please call her with questions.

As spring approaches please be aware of the fall leaves and debris that the wind has blown in. We will begin our yard maintenance inspections again in March giving you time to get things cleaned up before the flowers come back to life!

Because of the walking trails, the diversity of housing types, the well-maintained grounds, and affordable HOA costs, Seven Bar North is a highly desirable area. Homes in the neighborhood that are priced right sell within a matter of days, sometimes with more than one offer presented on the home. You can help preserve the HOA as a highly desirable area by maintaining your homes and landscaping.

If you have any questions or need any information, please give us a call at 896-7700.
I am honored to be serving the City of Albuquerque and District 5 as your City Council President in 2021. There are many issues affecting District 5 that influence the entire westside including our transportation system. I am working to support westside Councilors to develop the Rio’s westside and encourage westside jobs. As the gem of the southwest, Albuquerque is poised to grow and provide economic opportunity for all. As President of the Council, I am also interested in supporting Councilors of our eastside neighborhoods. Together we will pull through the pandemic as a community to shine our cultural, economic, and geographic gifts to the rest of the country.
As the 2021 State Legislature commences, I ask that you contact your state legislators to request their support of District 5 projects, especially the Cibola Loop Multi-Generational Center Complex planned for your area. The design of the Multi-Generational Center is underway as is the low-density multi-family housing complex, partially slated for seniors. The entire complex is a priority multi-million-dollar project requiring phased funding for years into the future.

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Help Stop Illegal Dumping Albuquerque

Want to help keep your neighborhood looking clean and free of debris? Report illegal dumping to Bernalillo County! Illegal dumping is a problem citywide, but there are things all of us can do to help. Firstly, don't illegally dump! It might not seem like a big deal, but illegally dumped items like rubber tires can negatively affect groundwater and cause …

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