Fall 2020

9/14 - Absentee Ballot applications mailed
10/6 - Early voting and same day registration starts; Mailing of Absentee Ballots begins
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November 3rd - General Election

HOA News and Activity

Scott Templeton, Board Chair
The different rules from the City and State during the last 5-6 months have definitely affected life here on the Westside. One thing we have noted is that many more of our neighbors are taking advantage of the great Albuquerque weather and our walking trails within the neighborhood. It is nice to see more strollers, bikes, and walkers out and about and hear the laughter of children as they play. If you haven't had a chance, please walk the newly refurbished trail between Seven Bar and Sierrita. It turned out quite nice and the word on the street as we go to print is that John Currier is asking for quotes for the section from Farola to Seven Bar.
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ACC Approvals

Stephen Arguelles, Chair
Fall is upon us! Home projects often continue into this season. Remember to submit an ACC application for any changes to your home, even for something as minor as installing gutters.
The following are pitfalls we have seen that could easily have been avoided by following the approval process:
  • Stuccoing/painting exterior of home with a color that does not fall within the “earth tones” palette
  • Installing or modifying driveway in a manner that doesn’t fit our neighborhood
  • Installing windows that don’t fall in line with the rest of the neighborhood
  • Adding to your block wall that can’t support additional blocks due to weight or city ordinance
  • Installing a fence down the property line without getting neighbor’s approval
  • Adding a shed in the backyard that doesn’t follow the covenants
  • Modifying/enhancing your project outside of the scope approved
To prevent issues, complete an ACC approval form and submit it to Corder and Company before you begin the project. Reference the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) you received when you bought your house. Or contact Corder & Co, 505‑896‑7700 or Associations@corderandcompany.com and ask them to send the ACC form to you. The ACC can typically approve or deny your request within a week. 2020 ACC Approvals are also available on the website.

Please do not start a project without submitting the approval form. That turns a simple process into a situation that is difficult for everyone. Remember, the goal is to preserve the neighborhood environment and protect the value of your home.
Communication Team

Seven Bar North Website

Nena Perkin, Communication Team Chair
Our Homeowners Only website was launched on July 19th! You should have received an email asking you to login and change your password. We have one email address registered per household. We hope you will take full advantage of the new features made available on the Homeowners site. Remember, you must be logged in to view the pages.

The ACC Request form is available in electronic format, allowing for online submittal complete with pictures, diagrams, and any applicable information.

We have a Neighborhood Announcements page, which gives us more flexibility for providing information relevant to residents only. Each post, just like the public posts, allow for Comments. Please use this feature to let us know what is on your mind.

If you have ideas for additional information you would like to see on the website, please let us know by sending an email to info@7barnorthhoa.com. If you are interested in providing an additional email address for your household for the purpose of subscribing to the Newsletter and other communications, please submit your email address by email as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

Landscape Maintenance

John Currier, Landscape Committee Chair
A NEW Landscape Maintenance contract was put out for bid in February. Previous contracts had the maintenance being done on a five-week rotation. Five weeks proved to be too long between treatments. Weeds were large and plentiful and shrubs grew out over the sidewalks. The new contract calls for a three-week rotation during the growing season (March through October) and a five-week rotation during the non-growing season (November to February). Based upon this summer’s results, three weeks provides ample time for the crew to address the weeds and shrubs and keep the HOA looking good. With the weeds and shrubs not growing during the winter, the crew should be able to maintain the property on the five-week schedule with less cost to the HOA.

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Compliance Team


Scott Campin, ComplianceTeam Chair
Thank you all! The majority of our homeowners did a great job of keeping up their properties this past summer which helps protect home values and ensure our community stays highly desirable.
I’ve stepped in as the new Compliance Chair and want to say a special thank you to Joan Gillis for her time and dedication to this team over the past couple of years. Going forward, my goal is to have a balance of maintaining an attractive neighborhood while being able to work with homeowners; not being overbearing but still being diligent. Most violations are resolved after the first letter, which is why I view that step as more of a gentle reminder.

Due to COVID-19, we took a break from issuing violation letters for a couple of months but are back at it now. Corder and Company's HOA management software makes it easier to share pictures and notes of non-compliance with homeowners. With our limited number of volunteers on the Compliance Team, the software should help make our time more efficient.

We’ve lost people on the Compliance team, so if you would like to volunteer, please reach out to me at scott.campin@gmail.com.


Seven Bar North August Real Estate

Albuquerque is still in a Sellers’ market and with 1,507 homes on the market, we have a very low inventory level. This low supply drives the price point higher, where most Buyers are paying a premium. Mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve been in history!
Seven Bar North is still proving to be a highly desired neighborhood and most homes are selling quickly and over the asking price!

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Neighborhood Public Safety Service

Pete Gelabert, Crime Prevention Specialist, NW Area Command
I have been receiving video surveillance footage from the Ring Alert Neighborhood Public Safety Portal. This information is given to officers to assist in auto burglary investigations. The video shows individuals walking around looking into vehicles, in an attempt to steal any type of valuables left inside the vehicles. Incidents are occurring late at night.

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Harden Your Home and Vehicles as Targets For Thieves

Candyce Jacobs, Communication Team member, Neighborhood Block Captain
Simple steps to make your property "a tough nut to crack."
Crime studies have shown time and time again that burglars prefer easy targets - ones they can get in and out of quickly. They avoid harder targets, like well-lit homes with a security system in use, homes with nosy neighbors or security cameras watching, and those that give the appearance that someone is home. Here are some simple steps to keep thieves from giving your home a second look:

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    Manager's Corner
    Corder and Company

    Grateful for Good Neighbors

    As summer winds down our world is still turned upside down. Our kids are going back to school AT HOME, our vacations are now STAYCATIONS (time off at home) and a lot of us are working from home. Everyone is wondering what our "normal" will look like in the future.

    The thing that has not changed is our responsibility to be good neighbors. We need to look out for each other and to help out when needed. We have seen neighbors going to the grocery store for others, mowing someone else’s lawn and helping with weeds. Being a good neighbor is also making sure that our own yard is kept clean and in good shape. Property values continue to climb in Seven Bar North because the neighborhood is in high demand. Thanks for keeping up with your responsibility.

    Our office is doing the regular inspections and will send you a note of encouragement to remind you about your yard if needed; the goal is to not have to do that.

    We have seen the number of foreclosures in the subdivision drop while the number of rentals has held steady and violations for the rentals have gone down.

    Please remember that if you want to make changes to your home, the covenants require you to submit your plan to the HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Please see ACC article above. Homeowners that have not received ACC approval before beginning their project may have to remove what they did or face potential legal problems for noncompliance.

    Unwanted calls with people asking us for money are annoying for everyone. Please be aware that our office will not call homeowners to ask for money. All projects within the HOA are approved by your Board of Directors and funded by your dues. No money, aside from dues, is solicited directly from homeowners. Our office may call about a past due balance to see if things are okay and to make sure you are getting the dues notices and the mailings from the association. If someone calls you saying they are from the HOA and asks for money, please call our office to verify legitimacy.

    If you see something going on that you have questions about, please call our office and let us know. If you need to come in, contact us for an appointment as we need to make sure all of the safety procedures are followed.

    Let us know how we can be of help. BE SAFE AND WASH YOUR HANDS!!

    City Councilor Cynthia Borrego

    City Councilor Cynthia Borrego's vision for District 5 is demonstrating good progress in crime prevention, infrastructure projects, and economic development and neighborhood level projects. District 5 remains the District with the lowest numbers across all crime categories.
    Roadway projects
    Funding for Paseo del Norte design was kept intact during the 2020 State Legislative Special Session. Councilor Borrego continues to work to ensure Paseo del Norte is a Council priority through her advocacy for the Transportation Infrastructure Tax, (R-47) specifying $12 million for Paseo’s expansion from Kimmick to Calle Nortena. With this mandate the State Legislature approved $2.1 million in 2018 and $1.9 million in 2019. This funding provides enough money to begin the design and right-of way acquisition. The City Administration has hired a transportation design engineer for the project.

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    Free library

    Exciting News!

    Come and visit our brand new FREE LIBRARY on Stowe Rd in the 7 Bar North Estates Neighborhood!

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